Here are 6 specifications needed for every print-ready file:

Specifications needed for every print-ready file upload 

  1. Size must match the exact size of the item you are ordering (i.e. if you are ordering 11" x 14" giclée, your file must be created in this size with the appropriate bleed and safety margin. It shouldn't be smaller or larger).
  2. 0.125" bleed on all sides (0.25 inches additional width and height)
  3. 0.125" safety margins  (inside trim line)
  4. All images must be 300 DPI or higher (at 100% size)
  5. CMYK colour mode
  6. Export as PDF file (This is our preferred file format. You can submit one PDF file (with multiple pages) or a separate PDF file for each side of your product.)
  7. If the canvas size ordered does not match the corresponding file upload size your order will be canceled. 

*TIP: Detailed naming of your files will help us process your order quicker (for example, “Set1_Front.pdf”, “Set1_Back.pdf”, “Set2_Front.pdf”, “Set2_Back.pdf” etc.).

If you need help or would like to request an Adobe template please contact us at